Elvis Presley’s Meditation Garden, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee

September 26, 2011

Elvis Presley's Meditation Garden, Graceland, Tennessee

Elvis Presley's Meditation Garden, Graceland, Tennessee

Graceland was the home of Elvis Presley, a short drive from center city Memphis, Tennessee where he recorded his songs at the Sun Recording Studio before RCA.  We visited his colonial mansion the week after the anniversary of his death, a date that is memorialized by fans around the world.  This statement is not without fact.  There were standing wreaths from Belgian and Japan as if he had just performed in 1977.

Graves of his grandmother, mother, father, twin brother who died as an infant, and that of Elivs are viewed before the tour comes to an end.  Elvis built a circular fountain in the meditation garden and there is an eternal flame aside his grave.  We passed in single file by the remains of a man who still brings tears to the eyes of many an adoring fan regardless of age.


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