Daybreak on the Tred Avon River at the Port of Easton, Maryland on the Delmarva Peninsula.

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Listen to Carlisle’s Chesapeake podcast series of historical Black American journeys. Dr. Mark Leone will lead the series off with his anthropological work on The Hill in Easton, Maryland, one of America’s oldest free Black communities according to the first Federal census done in 1790.

Frederick Douglass is from Talbot County; Easton is its seat. Douglass returned to The Hill after the Civil War to dedicate the Asbury United Methodist Church and the Bethel AMEC Church, anchors in the community.


The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the U.S.  From these fertile shores – Washington, D.C. and Baltimore on the west and the Delmarva Peninsula on the east – we broadcast Chesapeake history, culture and its environment.


My garden history journey began when I had my own floral business.  My interest was piqued after reading about the DuPont family interest in botany which they brought from France to the Delaware shores – what a legacy they created!

The Columbian Orator was the first book Frederick Douglass, nee Bailey, bought while living in Baltimore, Maryland.  After he published his first of three auto-biographies, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, he went to Ireland to escape his would-be-captors.  Hear his story as told by Ann Coughlan, a Frederick Douglass scholar as the […]


Crotons, Birds of Paradise, teas and spices, were all sought after by the explorers of the “New World.”  How did the explorers bring the seeds back to their mother country using the Wardian Case?  Conservatories and greenhouses were modeled on the Crystal Palace built in 1851 to showcase the plants discovered.  



Here is the catch-all for more travel, psychology, art, food … Enjoy!

The School Sisters of Notre Dame founded Notre Dame of Maryland University located on North Charles Street in Baltimore.  Sister Kathleen, SSND taught Flannery O’Connor in Japan and in Baltimore.  Listen to her explain the Biblical influences in O’Connor’s short stories. Thomas Merton said that Flannery’s work is similar to Sophocles as well.


My Journey Making This Technology Work For Me
Podcasting is an ubiquitous term. Simply put, it is a file that has been created to post on the internet. It can be either in video or audio format. This is a pretty broad definition and because of the newness of the term, often times there is no defining “audio” or “video” word proceeding podcast.


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