Meet Carlisle

Carlisle is from Baltimore, Maryland, the biggest port of the Chesapeake Bay in the state. She grew up there but spent many summers in the waters of the Miles River, a Chesapeake tributary in Talbot County. Talbot County is named for the sister of Lord Baltimore, a descendant of Carlisle’s family.

The Chesapeake Bay splits Maryland into the Eastern Shore and Western Shore. There are two bridges that span our estuary and another that tunnels it. What a glorious feeling (if you can get over the height!) to cross the bridges and find yourself in the “Land of Pleasant Living @R), the DelMarVa Peninsula (Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.)

That is what this site if for – for you to discover the beauty of the largest estuary in the world, the Chesapeake Bay. Its brackish waters of coastline (number?) number far greater than the whole west coast of the United States. It’s unique habitat of mixed fresh and sale waters make it ideal for (number?) three thousand of sea creatures to be food for our senses.

Captain John Smith discovered what the Native Americans already knew – what peaceful waters teaming with life could provide – pleasant living! Discover and enjoy our Bay, the Chesapeake, from the Algonquian word referring to village “at a big river,” Chesepiooc.


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