The Dillon Garden, Dublin, Ireland

June 1, 2010

July Border, Credit: Helen Dillon

July Border in The Dillon Garden, Credit: Helen Dillon

Helen Dillon writes in her book, “In the Irish Garden” (1998), “It is often said that there are two types of gardener, collector and maker of garden pictures.  I can never decide which one I am.  In the end the plants must come first…”

“I think it is better to go against all gardening rules and change many of the beds in August when I can see what color and size the plants are…”

I have some rare plants, but for me a worthwhile plant must be beautiful as well as rare.  I am beginning to understand why some plants are scarce.  They may be difficult to propagate, or given to what the Irish call, ‘going for their tea,’ in other words, dying for no apparent reason…

Helen Dillon is one of Ireland’s foremost plantsman, a garden television star, a writer and lecturer.  The Dillon garden may be visited by appointment.  Visit her website to see pictures of her lovely garden, for a list of her books, articles and gardening hints.


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