Solidago, “Queen of the American Flower”

September 18, 2011

Candidate for National Flower, courtesy CarlisleFlowers

Goldenrod, Candidate for National Flower, courtesy CarlisleFlowers

“Notes from Wood and Fallow” a column in Country Life in America, Volume I, a magazine for the Home-Maker, the Vacation-seeker, The Gardener, the Farmer, the Nature-Teacher, the Naturalist by L.H. Bailey, Editor, November, 1901 to April 1902, titles “Goldenrod, Queen of the American Garden.” Also known as solidago, it is a native plant that adapts to the climate of most of the 50 states.  There is a reason to make it the national flower, not to scorn the lovely rose.  W.W. Rowlee, the article’s author, points out that there are those who dislike this flower, considering it a weed that grows along the roadside.  The English use goldenrod in a naturalistic setting in the back of the border.  There are many different species of the flower.  Goldenrod begins to bloom in September but florists are happy to find this flower at the wholesalers any time of year.  It makes a wonderful filler.


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