Royal Botanic Gardens’ 250th Anniversary, London, England

May 30, 2009

Queen Elizabeth planted a ginko tree, a tree of prehistoric times and the Duke of Ediburgh planted a Wollemi pine, thought to be extinct until rediscovered in Australia to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG).  RGB is a world leader in international conservatism, scientific research and plant science.  In 1759 William Alton was appointed to care for and expand RBG Kew Gardens for Princess Augusta which has since been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site and has become a world leader in plant-related collections.  Now’s the time to visit Kew as Nigel Taylor, Curator of RBG welcomed visitors.

Steve Ruddy and Richard Wilford designed an Indian themed landscape in partnership with RGB and the British Museum to show the diverse habitats of India – the Himalayas, rock gardens, temperate woodlands and sub-tropical zone with a pool of lotus flowers (Nelumbo).

Royal Horticultural Society:


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