Flying Dragon Tree (Poncirus Trifoliata), United States Botanic Garden

February 18, 2010

Flying Dragon Tree, Courtesy United States Botanic Garden`

Flying Dragon Tree, Courtesy United States Botanic Garden`

Winter Tree Tour of Capitol Grounds

Melanie Choukas–Bradley, Author of City of Trees

Winter is the best time to appreciate the architecture of the historic trees that grace the U.S. Capitol Grounds. We’ll meet in front of the Conservatory and stroll around the Capitol, admiring and learning about its magnificent trees from around the country and the world, including many official state trees and memorial plantings. We’ll learn how to identify Kentucky coffee trees, Japanese pagoda trees, beeches, magnolias, and dogwoods during winter, and focus on the bark, buds, and overall growth habit of grand old specimens. Giant sequoias and a massive willow oak are among the trees we’ll see. Ms. Choukas-Bradley will share history of the Capitol Grounds and the city of Washington. Binoculars optional but recommended.

Date: Saturday, February 20

Location: Conservatory Terrace

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