Vase from Evergreen House

June 11, 2008

Strawflowers Serendipity. Yesterday I stopped by the Evergreen House Museum to look at their gift shop. I’m a sucker for museum gift shops because they always have things you don’t see everywhere. Low and behold I found this tin can at a very reasonable price. We looked at it to see if it could hold water but alas not. There were tiny pin holes in the bottom. Not to be deterred I bought it. When I got home I put a VAZU in it. That’s a plastic vase that stands up when you put water in it. I trimmed it down to accommodate the size of the vase. Then I rummaged around for some flowers to put in it. Strawflowers (in purple, also come in white) were the perfect match. Little flower arranging needed to be done. Just a few snips to create a mound.

Tip: Strawflowers have little, easily breakable branches. It is a multi-purpose flower – a filler, a lengthener, or standing up as its own.


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