Campbell Soup Flower Arrangement for Thanksgiving

November 29, 2013


Campbell Soup Flower Arrangement by

Campbell Soup Flower Arrangement by

Rarely when discussed the line-up for Thanksgiving dinner is there mention of soup. Pumpkin pies, sweet potato casseroles, onion dip and roasted turkey might translate into creative ingredients for post-game festivities but the in-between football games dinner certainly would never include a bowl of tomato soup.  So when I arrived at the relatives for our turkey dinner with this Campbell soup can full of flowers, a woman stopped in her tracks.  “A bowl of soup,” she said.  “No, it’s Andy Wharhol!”

The ingredients for our tomato soup include:  mums, roses, sunflowers, carns, eucalyptus, and sunset safari.  The caloric intake, sodium content and how many servings this can contains will have to be referred to Safeway, Towson, MD. Now, back to the game. “Oh, can I interrupt for one more second? Serve these ingredients cool.”




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