Vintage Flower Pins

December 28, 2008


Vanessa Vintage Flower Jewelry

Vanessa Vintage Flower Jewelry

Vanessa’s in the Federal Hill Section of Baltimore teases your gift money for the best vintage jewelry in a modest way. She was kind enough to give a retrospective of “the eternal flower” in woman’s adornment over the past century (speaking in the way past of course).
From top left is a basket of flowers notable in the 1930s. Art Nouveau in a flower brass pin comes second. Third is an oversized brass and glass stylized spry of flowers indicative of the 1940s. The small gold costume pin is Victorian with their love of wild flowers, perhaps a pansy. Can you not guess the yellow metal flower pin’s era? 1960s of course. Vanessa explained that the 1970s used their flower designs in polyester material. The 1980s shows a big silk flower, the 1990s was grunge and as of yet the 2000s have not identified themselves. We have one more year to go!

Vanessa Vintage Treasures  410-752-3224


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