Tiffany Tea At Winterthur

December 21, 2008


Tiffany Tea at Winterthur

Tiffany Tea at Winterthur

Tea in the Conservatory at Winterthur, the home of Henry du Pont from 1880 to 1969, is recreated as part of a special exhibit, “Feeding Our Desires,” a look at the evolution of flatware over the past 500 years supported by the Tiffany Foundation. du Pont collected over 85,000 American objects made between 1640 and 1860. “Next we will see the favorite Christmas Tree, the Dried Flower one. Please keep to the right. You must come back, speaking of flowers, to see our 60 acres of gardens. du Pont had a keen interest in gardening too.” “Undoubtedly we will Sir.”


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