Slovakia Vase with Freedom Roses

May 10, 2009


Slovakian Vase with Freedom Roses

Slovakian Vase with Freedom Roses

Happy Mother’s Day. A design of two balsam wood panels and 3 test tubes in between this Slovakian Vase gives the impression of being two dimensional when in effect it is three.  We googled Slovakia vase and here’s what the search engine brought to our attention:  The Sofia Design Week to be held in Bulgaria, June 5th thru 12th, 2009.  Their manifesto is to integrate the new world of design with their culture as written below. 

SOFIA DESIGN WEEK is a platform for questioning and looking for answers for our next identity. Each one of us, who is occupying a certain visual milieu, has the influence and the responsibility to question it and to suggest alternatives.  A maternal melody.


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