‘Shimmer Clematis’, ‘Clematis Guiding Promise’, and ‘Help for Heroes’ Dahlias Prized at Royal Horticultural Society, Hampton Palace Court Garden Show

July 6, 2010

The Hampton Court Palace Garden show sponsored by the Royal Horticultural Society (the world’s largest flower show), London, England, feature new roses, clematis and dahlias this year.  Clematis Nursery, owner Raymond Evison, is showing “Shimmer” as well as the “Clematis Guiding Promise”.  It can be seen at the Girlguiding UK Centenary Garden.  Jon Wheatley and the Plant Heritage National Collection of Dahlias has developed a single flower dahlia called “Help for Heroes” with purple bronze leaves and and a magenta-scarlet flower. To see a video of the top ten plants to the Royal Horticultural Society website: rhs.org.uk


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