Sculpture 6 at Evergreen Museum and Library, Baltimore, Maryland

July 18, 2010

Sculpture 6 at Evergreen

How Does Your Garden Grow by Shannon Young, Photo: Carlisle V. Hashim

The Evergreen Museum and Library are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a museum and their 6th biennial outdoor sculpture exhibition with ten site-specific works this summer – Simultaneous Presence.

Sculpture 6 at Evergreen uses site specific installations  by individuals and teams of artists and architects to embrace and challenge the historical and cultural grounds of the museum. Abundance and absence, sustenance and sustainability, fantasy and pleasure, wealth and its source and the contrasting realities of Baltimore are displayed.

Artists and their works:

Yoland Daniels, “Tea Cozy,” Matter Practice, “Fallen Fruit,” Myeongheom Kim, “Bridge,” Eric Leshinsky, C. Ryan Patterson &  Fred Scharmen, “Evergreen Commons,” Yukiko Nakashima, “Filling In the Void: Witness to the Bird’s Death, Hide and Hide, In The Bird’s House, Passage Workers,” Taeg Nishimoto, “A,” Shannon Young, “How Does Your Garden Grow?” Joel Lamere + Cynthia Gunadi, “25 Arch Folium,” Meredith Nickie, “Everything Will be Taken Away,” David Page, “Skip.”

Evergreen Museum and Library website: YouTube video slide show of Sulpture 6

Sculpture 6

Joel Lamere and Cynthia Gunadi, 25 Arch Folium, Photo: Carlisle V. Hashim


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