Moda Botanica at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2010

March 4, 2010

Refrigerator Container Askew by Moda Botanica

White Refrigerator Container by Moda Botanica, Courtesy

Flower Graffiti by Moda Botanica

Flower Graffiti by Moda Botanica. Courtesy

Metal shipping containers  piled two high burst with creative energy by Moda Botanica, a first prize winner for their flower installation at the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Graffiti sprayed on one crate, a welcoming walk-in container with plant material brushing your head,  a white freezer filled with white chilled flowers, and then the coup d’etat, a mirrored pod set for dinner for eight.  Can you imagine renting a pod and decorating it for dinner for eight parked in your drive-way just to add an extra room for your dinner party? Stage props could be stored like the mirrored ceilings and walls so that the next dinner party would display yet a completely different effect with the flowers of your choice.  Pallets included in co.

Enter The Botanical World of Moda Botanica

Enter The Botanical World of Moda Botanica, Courtesy

Welcome to My Container by Moda Botanica

Dinner for Eight by Moda Botanica, Courtesy


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