Miracle Roses

August 2, 2009

Miracle Rose

Miracle Rose

“Beware of Orange,” says Amalie Adler Ascher in her book, The Complete Flower Arranger: A Comprehensive Guide to the Pleasures of Floral Design,” published by Simon and Schuster, 1974.  “Orange has a very loud voice. … Studies show that orange is one of the least liked colors (along with purple).” Ms. Ascher goes on to say that orange is well suited for modern arrangements, such as the use of birds of paradise.  In traditional ones however, orange seems less offensive when tempered with related gold.

A perfect seque to the “Miracle” rose.  The designer of this rose tempered the bright, bold orange with an equally strong yellow.  “Orange china, place mats or napkins, if excessively bright can make a table spotty,” Ms. Adler writes.  We put our Miracle rose arrangement on the living room coffee table where its spot lightened up a predominantly brown room.


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