Linwood Gardens Tree Peony Festival of Flowers, Rochester, New York

May 6, 2010

Linwood GardenTree Peonies

Linwood Garden, Rochester, New York

Tree Peony Festival of Flowers at Linwood Gardens

May 22 and 23; May 29, 30, and 31; and June 5 and 6

The warm weather this year is accelerating flower bud development.  Updates on blooming and dates for viewing the flowers will be posted at the following

Open to the public 9 am to 5 pm
Suggested contribution $8 for garden preservation.
Guided tour $10

Linwood Gardens is located 35 miles south west of Rochester, New York, in the farmlands of the Genesee Valley.
The garden landscape was designed in the early 1900’s, with an Arts and Crafts style summerhouse,
walled gardens with pools and fountains, ornamental trees, and a view of the valley below.

The gardens include a distinguished collection of Japanese and American tree peonies
featured each spring in bloom at the Tree Peony Festival of Flowers.

During the summer months Linwood offers a peaceful garden sanctuary
for Creative Arts Workshops and Retreats.

Linwood Gardens is not-for-profit
and is listed on The New York State Register of Historic Places.

Our mission is to preserve the gardens and
tree peony collection for future generations to enjoy.

Linwood Gardens serves as a private residence as well, and
is only open
to the public for the Festival of Flowers and Creative Arts Workshops

Black Pirate Tree Peony

Black Pirate Tree Peony, Saunders Hybrid


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