“Landscapes and Gardens for Historic Buildings, A Handbook for Reproducing and Creating Authentic Landscape Settings “

January 18, 2011

Developing a Plan, Chapter Two:  Rudy J. and Joy Putman Favretti wrote “Landscapes and Gardens for Historic Buildings”  and the book was published by the American Association for State and Local History in 1978. The first step they note in developing a plan is to select either a landscape architect who specializes in historic preservation or one who specialized in historic landscapes.  The landscape architect who specializes in historic preservation would be “more concerned with designing landscapes for downtowns where old buildings are preserved and for creating a setting for them.  They become involved with adaptive uses to meet present-day needs and problems,” write the authors.

Landscape architects who specialize in historic landscapes, the Favrettis point out, “are experts in period design and the interpretation of research for a particular era.  They have the ability to think in the style of the period (that is selected) and (have) a clear understanding of what landscapes were like at that time.”

The Favrettis write that the ultimate choice for the site’s landscape architect must not “lose sight of modern needs such as circulation, parking and related problems. “Wear and tear” for tourists should definitely be included in the equation.


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