Judith Blacklock

December 1, 2008

What is a trip without going to a bookstore.  In Portland this summer we found Judith Blacklock’s book, “Flower Arranging” part of the Teach Yourself series.  In Chapter Six of this creative step by step book, she breaks down contemporary design into six categories:  Massing or Blocking, Grouping, Bunching, Bundling, Groundwork/Patchwork/Tuft Work/Carpeting/Paving and Layering or Terracing.

Technique One, Massing is produced by the use of one plant material of the same color for immediate impact.  Earlier in the chapter Judith Blacklock points out that “if a container is used it is often strong and sculptural…”  In this arrangement of poms (mini chrysanthemums) the mass of russet equals the earthy sphere of ceramic putty green.  Great gift book.  

Mass of Poms

Mass of Poms

Container from Crate and Barrel.


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