Greens – One

September 10, 2008

Greens - One

The holidays are coming so let’s do a series on greens and fillers.  Here are two greens, seeded eucalyptus on the left and salal on the right.  Salal comes in branches about two feet high with smaller branches of the  main one.  Its leaves are not a bright green which can work to your advantage.  It mixes well.  The leaves can bend to the right or left and its branches are somewhat pliable so that you can warm it up in your hand and then bend it over the lip of the vase.  I particularly want to point out the bite the one leaf took on this stalk.  Rather then discard it, I take a pair of scissors and reshape the leaf without a notice.

Seeded Eucalyptus (on the left)  has some brothers and sisters – the common one, a straight stalk with leaves  hugging its side and the other, coin eucalyptus with rounded coin leaves.  I particularly like the seeded euc because it has movement, the leaves are small, the seeds give nice transition, it can be used in smaller arrangements, it drapes over a vase elegantly and the stems are red.  This euc does not stand so upright but weaves its grayish tone nicely with other greens.


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