Garden Psycho-Therapy

August 9, 2010

Please tell me about how I should fee about leaving this.

Please tell me about how I should fee(l) about leaving this.

I met a woman on my trip to Seattle.  She gave me pause.  She was getting a divorce and would have to leave her garden behind.  A met another woman with years more experience.  She likewise said that eventually she would have to leave her garden.  These images evoked feelings of sadness in me.  What if I had worked and worked to make my garden my garden, and then age age or a person, said, “You must go.”

Perhaps there is a psycho-therapist that could sort out these emotions.  These are emotions that are “deep-rooted” hah, they can be shallow rooted too but still be deeply felt.  Like the time I came home  with a gingko tree.  “What are you going to do with that?  Where can you possibly put that?”  These are questions a gardener faces all the time, in fact, the gardener asks him/herself these questions too.

Well you know, I always did find room.  Perhaps not necessarily where the tree belonged the first time but plants are like furniture – you can always move them around.

Now they’re more plants books/magazines and blogs then there are plants in the garden.  Well if you take just the species alone, not how many you have of them.  I like to go to plant meetings where you can learn more about how much you don’t know.  My vocabulary for some reason can not compute the latin names for the plants.  So instead of the vernacular I say the common.  I marvel at those who can specify the Linnean name of a plant.  Usually these same people can recite cultivars too.

So the slide presentation starts to roll and the speaker specializes in lilies.  I only have tiger lilies in my garden.  So let me write down a few that would be good to buy.  Oops, can you play that one back again.  Sorry, I didn’t get the spelling of that lily.  By the end of the show my eyes have closed their lids.  No more for me today.

Actually, truth be known, I like to hear historical presentations.  What propelled the owner/gardner to create such a beautiful space?  What were his/her inspirations?  But wait, no one ever talks about how the owners felt when they had to leave their gardens.  This is a field of psychology that has yet to be explored.  But would you pay say, $175 for 45 minutes of therapy when you could buy at least 8 new plants for your garden? Oh, but is that for your new garden or your old one?  We are just going to have to sort that out.  Perhaps we should seek the help of another gardener or, our family.  Surely they have feelings about what is their garden too.


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