Flowers Arranged in Basic Plastic Bowl

September 15, 2008

( This follows post, “Basic Plastic Bowl.” So here we go.  Now that the dish has been greened with tree fern, variegated pittosporum and some seeded eucalyptus, we are ready to put the fun things in.  But notice we’ve hidden the dish before we put the flowers in.  First the lilies, then the lines – larkspur and heather to build the structure, then some fun allium for a bit of playfulness.  We learn as we go.  I gave this arrangement as an anniversary gift thinking this looks good.  Well seeing the picture I am taken aback.  The white mini carnations on the bottom really put a hole in the arrangement.  Yes, I liked their line but in retrospect I probably would have used some lavender or light pink mini carns.

Lilies and Allium

Lilies and Allium


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