Descubes at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond, VA

May 14, 2009

Alexandre Descubes, born in Mauritia in the 1850s, was first employed by his country as a cartographer.  Later he worked for India when he painted watercolor botanical drawings of the native habitats of India, Pakistan, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, the Himalayans and the Malayan Peninsula.  Extensive botanical info on each painting includes the family, genus, species name, a full botanical description of the plant, a list of the countries and/or habitats in which the plant is found, a list of the plant names in the vernaculars of each of these areas or countries and a list of literature references to the plant.  The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, VA owns 2,500 originals which were donated to them by Lora A. Robins.

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Descubes Botanical Print

Descubes Botanical Print


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