Daniel O’Connell Called Frederick Douglass “The Black O’Connell”

October 19, 2019

Irish woman Ann Coughlin highlights Frederick Douglass’s two year tour of the British Isles. Coughlin focuses on the relationship between Irish political leader Daniel “The Liberator” O’Connell and American abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Daniel O’Connell was regarded as the greatest Irish orator of the 19th century and served as inspiration for Douglass with his firm anti-slavery stance. O’Connell meets Douglass for the first time and says “You are the Black O’Connell”. Topics include: O’Connell’s early life, the Catholic Emancipation movement, O’Connell and Douglass’s shared views, the first Anti-Slavery Convention at Conciliation Hall.

Attributed to Benjamin Franklin per Wikipedia


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