Cone Flower and Lily Arrangement

July 13, 2009

Cone Flowers and Lilies Arrangement

Cone Flowers and Lilies Arrangement

Two purples were used to make this arrangement: cone flowers and loosestrife*.  Because there are so many round flowers here, it is nice to use the spikes of the loosestrife and we also tucked in some grey spikes of lamb’s ear.  Our friend admired the yellow glorioso daisies so we tucked them in the bottom.  If you look closely you will detect that there is filler but can you guess what it is?  The spent blooms of a spirea.  Their rusty color matches the center of the cone flowers and acts as a nice backdrop without making its presence known.  The dachsund is tolerating this arrangement at best.

*Shakespeare called purple loosestrife “long purples” and “dead men’s fingers.”  It should also be noted that loosestrife is an invasive plant, crowding out wetlands and providing no benefit to native wildlife.  There are as many as 300,000 seeds on one plant.  While we love those “long purples” this plant was in our neighbor’s yard! invasiveplants.html


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