Ceramic Basket

July 15, 2008

Look at this vase.  Doesn’t it remind you of your grandmother.  I deign to say their generation was wise.  If you have a vase like this you can be an arranger par excellence.  Take a piece of oasis (the green stuff for live flowers versus dried) and soak it in water.  Put some floral life in the water to allow the oasis to soak it up.  Don’t sumberge it and hold it down.  Let it soak it on its own.  This basket vase would take about one half of a block.  Push it down into the vase.  If it is not firmly in there then use some floral tape to secure it.

Now, if you have a dozen roses cut them on the short side but keep the leaves intact.  You’ll need the greens to cover the oasis.  Cutting the roses on an angle (I cut mine submerged in water) and put them into the oasis on an angle.  Turn the basket around to make sure you have balance.  Play with the positioning.  You are there – an arranger!

Tip:  Go with a vase that makes you an instant arranger. It looks great!


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