Bakst Theater in Evergreen House

December 19, 2008

The Garrett Family, railroad titans of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroads, lived in Evergreen House in Baltimore, MD from 1878 to the 1940s. They were collectors and philanthropists. Among their rare book collection are the signatures of every signer of the Declaration of Independence. Here is a basketball court which the Garretts converted to a theater designed by Leon Bakst, “the illustrious Russian emigre known for his work with Diaghelev and the Ballet Russes.” The “trees” designed by Lela Knight and Sara Schweitzer capture Bakst’s block prints on the wall. Seen from every angle including the mirrored reflections, their transparency and star upon their heads evoke the three kings bearing gifts from afar.

Bakst Theater at Evergreen House

Bakst Theater at Evergreen House. Tree Design by Lela Knight and Sara Schweitzer


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