Akebia Quinata Vine

April 24, 2009

Spring Blooming Akebia

Spring Blooming Akebia

Third week in April, Baltimore, MD. What do we have here on a friend’s luncheon table? A lovely flower arrangement with eggplant calla lilies, pink hyacinths and akebia. Will look today to see if we can find the akebia (native of Korea, China and Japan) at the wholesaler. More than likely we’ll have to ask our friend for some cuttings. The playful, light five leafed vine, also known as chocolate vine, snakes out of the arrangement in a beguiling fashion. Hardy growth, nice on a trellis mixed with a climbing rose, one to the left, the other to the right.
Found this wonderful site for further information about ornamental plants from the University of Connecticut – “Plants of University of Connecticutt Data Base of Trees, Shrubs and Vines”. There Zone 6, here Zone 7.


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