Suckling Pig, Versilia and Amsterdam Roses in Autumnal Colors

October 9, 2013

Image 1 A suckingly pig from Tio Pepe’s, the best Spanish restaurant in Baltimore, Md.  This pig arrived seemingly well educated although the one lens of his glasses was a bit singed.  What can you say to a guest at your party?  “Go home and get some clear glasses before we clear you away!”  Frankly Mr. Suckling Pig came to the party with just the right colors, golden and crisp, a burnt autumnal leaf brown.  He just knew how to wow the guests with red carnations and Granny Smith apples to say, “I’m here.”  His coat was as good as his lining, tender, moist and for those who don’t like pork, he wowed them.


Image“Mr. Suckling Pig,” I asked him after everyone had gone.  “How did you know that your coat of golden brown would match so well with the Amsterdam Rose and Versilia Rose arrangements for the party? Your complimentary colors were just like our sugar maple tree, its tips a pink and salmon  yellow rose.  The race is now on.  We are writing invitations now for next year’s party.  We have your head and the rose petals to bioengineer this delicious combination for 2014.


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