The Japanese Garden, Special Iris Sale, Portland, Oregon

May 15, 2010

The Portland Japanese Garden’s yearly Plant Sale gives garden enthusiasts an ideal opportunity to browse a wide selection of plants native to Asia as well as plants found in Asian gardens.

Stephanie Moss

Portland-area nurseries sell an outstanding selection of conifers, peonies, orchids, camellias, hydrangea, bamboo, bonsai, Japanese maples, azaleas, rhododendrons, and more. These native Asian plants can be used in any garden, and they are particularly suitable for Asian-themed gardens.

List of 2010’s Vendors

iris photo by Bob SchlesingerSpecial to the Plant Sale in 2010 were irises grown in the Portland Japanese Garden itself. Summer-flowering hana shobu(Japanese water iris or Iris ensata) were first planted aside the Zig Zag Bridge and koi pond in 1966, the year before our public opening, thanks to a donation from the Portland Garden Club. The specimens were chosen from Walter Marx Iris Gardens in Boring andCooley Gardens in Silverton. Walter and Louise Marx had been hybridizing Japanese-bred ‘Higo’ irises since 1937, and their beautiful full-color catalogs—with such popular varieties as ‘Blue Lagoon,’ ‘Flashing Koi,’ ‘Sorcerer’s Triumph,’ ‘Persian Rug,’ and ‘Peacock’s Dance’—became chiefly responsible for the rise in popularity of Japanese irises in the 1950’s and 60’s. Continuously cared for and hand-divided by our gardeners and volunteers, these beloved irises are each a small piece of history.


List of Donors

Thank you, donors! The 2010 Plant Sale was made possible by:

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Photo Credit:  Japanese Garden


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