August 27, 2008

Sorry, species not known but just wanted to show how the color red can be introduced in an arrangement through leaves as well as berries and flowers.

Red Tropical Foliage

Red Tropical Foliage

I’ll be back in Baltimore tomorrow, looking for that next vase.  Actually I found a little one that you’ll see this weekend.  I’m excited about some of the purchases I made here and had to ship home!  Yes, I did use restraint.  One store was closing up shop and I could have bought quite a lot for quite a little.  But my wise daughter said “Mom, in economics they teach you that there is a reason why the merchandise is sitting.”  So I listened and hope I did not pass up the purchase of a life time.  I was really taken by the silk flowers here in South Florida – their quality and specialties were outstanding.  When we were loading the airport shuttle bus a young girl was holding a flower made from a variegated tropical leaf.  I said, “Where did you get that?”  She said, “A guy on the beach made it for me last night.”  We’ll fold some leaves together to create our little masterpieces, tropically speaking.


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